The website has been designed and developed by « Guichet Entreprises », a French government agency with a national remit created by the Order dated 22 April 2015 (published in the French Official Journal on 25 April 2015). It operates under the authority of the DGE (Direction Générale des Entreprises – Directorate-General for Enterprise), itself part of the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance.

The national « Guichet Entreprises » agency manages the and* websites that together constitute the electronic point of single contact as defined by the European directives 2006/123/CE and 2005/36/CE. Points of single contact of this type exist throughout Europe and work together as part of the European Commission « EUGO » project.

Guichet Entreprises encourages the professional mobility of European Union and European Economic Area residents by providing access to all the information needed to exercise a regulated profession in France, through its « profession fact sheets« .

The service provided by is aimed not only at all French entrepreneurs, but also those living in the European Union or the European Economic Area. It provides information on how to how to have your qualification officially recognised and how to exercise a regulated profession in France whether you are looking to set up a long-term business (freedom of establishment) or work temporarily (freedom to provide a service).

It also enables French residents to find information on carrying out a regulated profession in another member state.

*The website encourages business creation by enabling any French or European citizen to complete all the formalities related to the life of a business, directly online.