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Why obtaining the recognition of your professional qualifications?

It is necessary to hold a specific diploma or degree, pass an exam, obtain an authorisation or be registered with a professional organisation in order to practise certain professions. These professions are regulated professions.

European nationals who wish to work in another European country must have their professional qualifications recognised if their profession is regulated in the destination country. This comes down to the official recognition of your training and/or employment history in the destination country.

  • If you plan to settle in another country, then the freedom of establishment applies. Your professional qualifications must therefore be recognised.
  • If you plan to provide services temporarily, then the freedom to provide services applies, and a simple prior declaration before the first provision of services is enough. There are exceptions for the professions which may have serious impacts on security and health. The destination country may require to check your professional qualifications prior to the provision of services.

In order to know the rules that apply to you, contact the national authority in charge of granting access to your profession in the destination country.

You may also search the regulated professions database which lists all the regulated professions and the relevant authorities of EU member states.

  • If your profession is regulated in your home country, you may search the database in your language and read the English translation in the description. Then look for the English name of the profession in order to get a list of the countries in which your profession is regulated. If the country in which you wish to work is not listed, your profession is probably not regulated there.
  • If you cannot find your profession in the database, you may contact the national point of single contacts of the country you wish to work in. The national point of single contact will help you find the relevant authority and determine the required supporting documents.

See also: The European Professional Card (EPC)