You hold a diploma awarded in an EU or EEA member state…

…and wish to have your qualification recognised in France.

There are nearly 250 regulated professions in France and these can be divided into two categories:

  • liberal professions;
  • commercial and artisanal professions where recognition of the required professional qualification is carried out by the CMA (Chamber of Trades and Artisans) to which you are attached.

Setting up business in France

If you wish to set up business in France, before being able to exercise a regulated profession you will need to obtain:

  • recognition of your professional qualifications, as a foreign national from the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA);
  • an authorisation to exercise provided by the competent authority responsible for your profession (an additional authorisation depending on the profession concerned).

The « regulated professions » fact sheets [FR] provide all the information you need concerning the formalities to be completed.

Useful to know: Certain professions are recognised via the European Professional Card (EPC) [FR] procedure. As a result, they may not be covered by the general procedure.

The EPC system covers the following professions:

  • nurses responsible for general care;
  • pharmacists;
  • physiotherapists;
  • mountain guides;
  • real estate agents.

Providing a temporary service in France

You do not necessarily need to obtain recognition of your professional qualifications in order to provide a temporary service; you do however need to have a legally established business in your country of origin. In certain cases, you will need to apply for authorisation before exercising your activity.

The procedure

More often than not, the competent authority to contact will be the one in the region where you have decided to establish your business. You will need to provide a certain number of documents, some of which may require translation by a sworn translator.

Useful to know: If your profession is regulated in your own country but not in the country you have moved to (France), you can exercise your activity without having your professional qualification officially recognised, exactly as if you were a citizen of the host country.